Our Story

Spring Bluff Nursery was established in 1979, however, Spring Bluff Farm has a long history on the site. The farm has been in the Norris Family for six generations and has been a working farm for over 160 years. Originally a livestock farm, Spring Bluff became a flourishing business by selling chicken eggs to pretty much everyone in the area. As the egg business at Spring Bluff began seeing increased competition from commercial egg farms in the 1970’s, it was time to seek out a new calling.

In the late 1970’s, brothers Ken and Tim Norris, along with Tim’s wife, Sue, decided that trees were the future of Spring Bluff Farm. With their new calling at heart, the Norris family established a nursery with landscape design and installation services, catering initially to local residents and builders. Thirty-five years later brings the nursery to present with over 5000 customers and a thriving nursery and garden center that serves most of the Fox Valley area.

In 1998 the farm was listed on the Kane County Historic Register and now has landmark status. The Italianate style farmhouse has been home to many generations of Norris family literally born and deceased in the home. The Norris brothers created a mini arboretum there among the mature oaks and sugar maples. Spring Bluff’s signature redbud located in the front yard is picturesque in stature, and in springtime bloom, can stop traffic! Beautiful display gardens are incorporated into the landscape design of the property. They are for viewing pleasure and to give customers ideas for their own gardens.

Through years of operating a thriving nursery and landscaping business, the Norris family, in response to the lack of healthy, wholesome food in the area, decided to bring the farm a little closer to it’s roots. While landscaping and growing ornamental plants still remains our core business, we are still growing. The latest addition to Spring Nursery has been Spring Bluff Community Supported Agriculture, or C.S.A. As a member of our CSA program we ensure you a robust supply of fresh healthy fruits and vegetables grown by us, with love, here on the farm.

Currently, Spring Bluff Nursery is home to hundreds of quality perennials, grasses, roses, trees and shrubs, including many native species, the majority of which are grown on-site. Tim, his wife Sue, and son Henry, run the nursery with a team of talented designers and a dedicated, knowledgeable staff. Many changes have taken place at the nursery over the last few years, and many more will come, but one thing will always remain the same: A visit to Spring Bluff Nursery is like a visit with family.

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